Why The Arcanum


Is it worth the price of admission?

Why The Arcanum, is it right for me?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Ron Clifford and I am an Inception Master in The Arcanum, one of the first 6 Masters to accept apprentices in this exciting new learning platform called The Arcanum A new concept in learning photography online.  This is the brainchild of Trey Ratcliff. It’s a revolutionary education model built on the ancient and tested Master/Apprentice model that combines the latest in online technologies with the wisdom of old world teaching models. Though I’ve been offering online Mentoring in a similar way for over 2 years now, Trey has brought this concept to a whole new level! What we end up with is something that goes way beyond a classroom, way beyond a video library and introduces the idea of an active online community (Cohort), a Grand Library of instructional content produced by all the amazing Masters and it includes recorded critiques of the apprentices as they Level Up and attain new levels of creativity skill and knowledge. This is a system of growing and “Leveling up” your skills in a measurable way in a safe supportive private community of like minded people.  The results are magnificent.

One thing I know many of you will be asking yourselves is “Is it worth it?”, I totally get that.  After all there are other websites dedicated to education right?

Yes, there are but consider what you are getting here before making those final choices.  To be clear right up front, I want to say that I understand The Arcanum is not for everyone, and that is o.k.  Everyone has their own style of learning and I would never belittle someone for choosing not to choose this platform any other. I am grateful for the  willingness of all those who have begun this creative journey and to trust each other as you build a marvellous community of like minded friends.  So Thank you!

So, is it worth the price of admission?

I say a resounding YES but let me qualify that by laying out a few fundamental differences between  this subscription and others.  This is not just because I am a Master but because I have seen the options and I believe this is something unique. I have also seen the results.

  • Live access to a Master within your community (and often outside it as well).  You can ask questions and get feedback by a master in his or her field.  This is very different from the current subscription options that have a library of content (videos and e-books)
  • A community of like minded creative people we call a “Cohort”.  This is an amazing private online community where we all encourage one another to reach for our best, to console our less successful attempts and to challenge each other to reach goals that would take much, much longer if we were out on our own.  One thing I know is we do better with support from others who are or who have gone through the very things we are going through. There is great power in the community for us.
  • Videos – not unlike other subscriptions there is constantly growing  and current Grand Library of video that cover how to and why to and when to.  This is content uploaded by our masters and it is often in direct response to the needs of individual communities.  That is amazing!!  Active, responsive content.  Not just a list of courses.
  • Recorded critiques – I don’t think there is a library of such rich educational content anywhere that keeps or will keep a catalogue of Master Apprentice critiques. Not only the chance to have your work critiqued by a master (this is worth a great deal, go on and inquire about professional critique and portfolio review. One session is often more than a whole year’s subscription)  My students have repeatedly told me and others how valuable watching the critiques of other apprentices has been. Not only that but to have access to the recordings of their own critiques to go back to an learn from is priceless.
  • The Future – as we move ahead we will be getting even better organisation and filtering tools in the grand library making it easy to find and watch world class content.  Even if there was no community, no critique, no engagement,  the Grand Library, as we move forward, is set to become one of the most content rich libraries out there.  Remember though, we are still young and growing.  Imagine how it translates into what will be available as more content is uploaded weekly.
  • Scalable Measurable Progress – by “leveling up” you know where you stand in any masters cohort.  You have a measuring stick of progress and accomplishment that just doesn’t happen on a video only site.  To be able to say I’m a “Sphere 1 Level 20 apprentice”  means you have accomplished something! And with your accomplishments come choices.  Like deciding to apprentice under a new master and different discipline, or realizing you have a burning passion to help others learn what you have learned – you can even decide to train as a Master for yourself. That is exciting!!

There are many other ways the Arcanum is one of the best platforms for learning photography available anywhere. You will decide for yourselves but before you choose, understand why it’s unique and what makes it different from any other platform out there.