Fall Equine Photography and Horse Discovery Workshop – Fall 2015 Sold Out

Horse photography and self discovery all rolled up into one amazing creative experience. A Fall workshop opportunity not to be missed.

Have You Ever Felt Like Quitting?

Sometimes success feels like failing, Success is more about not quitting than getting it right all the time. The only way to fail is not to try.

Layers Masks and Modes, Photoshop Foundations 101 – Winter sessions

Frustrated by Photoshop and want to grasp the fundamentals that will make using it enjoyable and stress free?

Layers masks and Selections – Photoshop Foundations 201

Do you have a basic understanding of Photoshop and how to use layers but find creating selections and good detailed masks is harder than the YouTube guru's are making it look? You aren't alone, Good selections can be tough. but they don't have to be impossible.

Get Over It -Part 1- The Idea

We all go through it, and if you haven't you will. You lose your focus, your drive, your creative desire to move forward. Call it mojo or muse, inspiration or enthusiasm, no matter what it is, we lose it. We find ourselves in a rut. Some of us go through slow cycles and others can have very rapid and extreme swings. We know we're there and we want to move forward, but alas, we are stuck.

Get Over It – Part 2 – The Image

Getting great images is a choice, not a chance.

The Arcanum, is it right for me? Learning Photography Online

A unique and powerful online learning environment for photographers

Upcoming Ontario Photography Workshops

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn in the field techniques to capture stunning wildflower images in nearly any conditions. By using off camera flash and a 5 in on reflector/scrim, I will guide you on how to capture portrait worthy wildflower images. There will be live a live editing demo on Saturday evening at which time I will demonstrate how to create Lightroom presets to enhance wildflowers as well as why focus stacking is the "secret sauce" in many of my close up shots.

Photography Mentorship – Finding Your Voice Spring 2014

Looking to refine your voice? this Photography Mentorship just may be the perfect opportunity to reach new levels of creativity and discovery to help you refine your voice and begin to get that signature look you know is waiting to burst out?

Layers Masks and Modes, Oh My!

I remember when I was learning Photoshop. I saw what others were doing with it, the amazing photographs and creations were wonderful, but I could hardly open an image let alone do anything beyond using the healing bush. If you are anything like me you know if you could just get a good understanding of the fundamentals of Photoshop you could really begin to use this powerful program and start applying more creativity to your photographs