Get Over It – Part 2 – The Image 

if you haven’t read part 1 of “Get over it”, you can here


It’s raining, I’m not going out in that!  It’s too cold. It’s so windy! It’s so hot out. It’s way too cloudy. It’s way too sunny. It’s snowing



And on and on and on it goes…………


…”Often, the very best time to get out there, is exactly when most people complain about it as being “too” whatever.”


How many times do we have an excuse not to go out and shoot?  I want you to reflect on it honestly.  What exactly are “ideal conditions” anyway?  As an artist often shooting outdoor landscapes, I have come to understand a fundamental truth.  Often, the very best time to get out there, is exactly when most people complain about it as being “too” whatever. Have you ever asked or wondered, “how does s/he always get great images?, do we not go to the same places”?…I’ve shot there but my images don’t look like that!  It’s something I often hear and I used to ask myself those same questions, but do we go when the chance for a dynamic and impactful image may present itself to us?  Are we willing to do the things it takes to be where we are going to get the optimum possibility for a shot?

This isn’t a difficult idea to grasp if I simply show you a series of images.  Each of them taken as a result of “going anyway”.  Eventually, if you want to get spectacular images, you are going to have to decide to have the attitude, “I’m Going Anyway”.  It won’t guarantee dramatic results every time, sometimes you will be disappointed, repeatedly.  It will absolutely guarantee though, you will get dramatic results far more times than when you don’t go!


See what I mean below….


It was raining all day,  and then……..


It was windy dark and freezing for hours, and then……..


It was snowing like crazy, and then……

It was Too Foggy, and then……

It Was Dark and Very Cold, and then……..


I want to help you come to the good decision to “Get Over It”, and choose the attitude, “I’m going anyway“. It’s a choice and it has rewards if you are willing to put action behind it.  It has been said that “chance favours the prepared mind”, well exceptional photographs favour the prepared photographer.

You need to know that if you keep doing what you have always done, you’re going to continue to get the results you always did.  Change your mind, change you actions and enjoy the results.


I decided a bag over my camera was what it was going to take to get out and get this shot, I had to wipe my lens, often, but was it worth it??