Help My Photography is Stuck And It Can’t Get Up!

Uninspired?  Having trouble getting getting out there and capturing the magic?

You love photography but you need a creative kick in the pants?

You’re not alone, not by a long shot!  We all go through times when we aren’t reaching our creative potential, when we feel like we could and want to do so much more but someone to come alongside and help steer our ship into more creative waters.  This mentorship program was developed to help photographers with exactly that.  This isn’t a course on how to use your camera as much as it is a program on how to see in new, exciting and creative ways!  I designed this very successful mentorship with the goal that is would be able to help photographers of all levels who really want to increase their artistic sensibility and begin to create images with more impact, story and drama that they have previously been able to do.

So how does the Enhancing Creativity online mentorship work and what makes it so different from other methods?

I’m glad you asked.  These online mentorships have been created using the latest online technology to help us connect together in a very real and meaningful way.  By using a private online Google Plus Community, Live and recorded Video sessions known as Hangouts, a Private blog for our assignments and a small group community environment to post our progress, ask questions and submit our weekly assignments, I have witnessed amazing breakthroughs  and seen photographers reach that next level in their creative journey.  I have been very fortunate to have mentored many many people since beginning these programs nearly 3 years ago and have seen  over and over again the dramatic change in the work and outlook of the participants who go through this transformation, but I don’t want you to take my word for it.  Just check out the testimonials for yourself at the bottom of the Enhancing Creativity Page where you can learn more and sign up to be considered for the spring round beginning in the first week of April.

One of the reasons it is so different is it not simply a video to watch or an ebook to download.    I do use Blog Posts, and I also use Google Communities to give us a private creative playground to share our progress, answer questions, introduce assignments and we all benefit from the safe interaction of like minded friends.  I also use Hangouts where we can get together in a live video call together and discuss the topics  we are learning and I give live demonstrations using the screen sharing features to help you understand concepts in creativity, editing, and workflow.  There is simply no other platform I know short of in person apprenticeships that can specifically address your individual needs.

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Will I be selected?

I hope so but unfortunately not everyone who applies is accepted. If you have read this far you are likely a great candidate for my mentorship but there are only 10 spaces each program and already there are less than 7 spots available in this round.   I often get more applicants than there are spaces and so there is a questionnaire to fill out when applying.  Those who already post regularly online and are familiar with Google Plus are considered first,  but don’t let that hinder you! Most important is where you are in your creative journey and that you will benefit from this program.

A little about me

One of my unique gifts is to help photographers unlock their creativity and potential and enhance their photography, skill and artistic vision.

I began as an artist. A painter and photographer. A photo retoucher and restoration artist when film was king. Now I fully embrace the amazing creative potential for this digital age and use my experience and knowledge to produce, as well as help others produce, photograpy that reaches in and enhances their own creative vision.

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