Layers Masks and Modes, Oh My!

Back by popular demand is the Layers Masks and Modes 3 session mentorship to help instill in you the fundamental trinity of editing in Photoshop.

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I know how frustrating it is when you know something is possible and you know it can’t really be that difficult. If only you had someone to walk you through that initial learning curve right?  I wish I had had such an opportunity as this!  Photoshop is not known for being particularly user friendly and can be actually very intimidating, until you understand a few basic fundamentals.  After that it gets easier and actually exciting to create and explore the possibilities of this powerful program.

This is a Hangout based mentorship for up to 9 students to participate in live group interactive instruction.  I cover one main module per week and record our session so that anyone can replay it and work right along with me as I discuss and demonstrate the features.  You will have access to working files so this is not just a “watch a video” style of learning, but a doing and asking questions virtual classroom and private community.

This has already helped so many students  grasp these tools and begin to use them with confidence in their regular creative workflow and I know it can turbo charge your creative processing as well.  Won’t you join me?

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