Layers Masks and Modes, Oh My!

I remember when I was learning Photoshop. I saw what others were doing with it, the amazing photographs and creations were wonderful, but I could hardly open an image let alone do anything beyond using the healing bush. If you are anything like me you know if you could just get a good understanding of the fundamentals of Photoshop you could really begin to use this powerful program and start applying more creativity to your photographs

Help My Photography is Stuck And It Can’t Get Up!

This is a Mentorship journey about Seeing. It’s about what we see and how we see it. I will challenge you to expand your creative vision and help you approach your photography with new eyes. It is being offered this month at a special rate of only 195.00.

Success in Photography Mentorship

Mentorship Plus is a highly successful online photography program for artists of all levels. I is designed to encourage, enrich and enhance creativity.

Focus Stacking Made Easy

What is "Focus Stacking" or "Focus Blending"? Simply put, Focus Stacking is when you combine the sharpest pixels (areas) of 2 or more images to obtain more of your subject in sharp focus than you [...]

Understand Your Histogram

A basic understanding of your histogram can help you nail down your exposure quickly.

New Limited Online Mentorship Program For Photographers

Learn online in a proven workshop environment. This mentoring program uses the latest online tools to create an amazing learning environment.