We all ask the questions at some point.


  •  Do I need to specialize?

  • Can I shoot the variety I do or do I need to shoot one genre?

  • What is my vision as a photographer, as an artist?

  • Do I have a signature style or do I even need one?

  • where am I going with my work

Toronto street car_Ron Clifford
Busy street corner at night_Ron Clifford

Us creative types, we get to a point where these questions become important to our growth as photographers.  We want to continue to grow and develop our skills, and our ability to communicate even more intentionally with our viewers.  Inevitably we want to go beyond taking pretty pictures, or even good pictures, to wanting to regularly take excellent pictures that move our viewer.  This course is developed to help you with just that and more.  By using the latest online technology, I have developed a fun, interactive and highly successful mentorship program that builds on previous mentorships to help refine your vision and find more focus in our photography and your post processing



 What’s Included?

By using a Private online Google Plus  Communities for my groups, I have developed a highly successful and proven environment to grow and learn in.


  • interactive, online, private group webcasts (g+ hangouts)
  • Each student has an opportunity for one on one time at some point during the course, it is open forum and you can get help or advice on any topic.
  • Assignments (provided to you as “missions”) on a members only Blog
  • Opportunity for one on one counselling and membership in a small community of like-minded students
  • free access to any Photoshop  actions, Presets,  working files and video tutorials used during the course.
  • You will get an opportunity to work right alongside me as I demonstrate Techniques and Principals in a live hangout or on the recorded replay.
  • All for only $245.00.

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