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Ice covered Cedar trees
Galanthus (Amaryllidaceae)



 you want to enhance your vision; take better pictures that have great impact?  You’re in the right place!    


First – Lets understand Mentorship

 Wikipedia has this to say:
Mentorship refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.” [at least it’s supposed to be that way ;)] –brackets mine
The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), an apprentice or, in recent years, a mentee. [or grasshopper] added by me
“Mentoring” is a process that ALWAYS involves communication and is relationship based, but its precise definition is elusive.”

This is a Mentorship journey about Seeing.  It’s about what we see and how we see it.  I will challenge you to expand your creative vision and help you approach your photography with new eyes.  It is being offered this month at a special rate of only 195.00.

I know, as you journey through this program, you will begin to see with intention and curiosity that will give you the ability to communicate what you are seeing and feeling and bring it to life in your images.  You see, I believe….

“The great masters of imagination do not make things out of thin air; they direct our attention to what is right before our eyes. With their help we see it not as commonplace but as magnificent, not as timeworn but as timeless.”

 Eugene H. Peterson

Second – Lets understand You

Each of you have a unique life and therefore, a unique gift and perspective to offer the world through your imagery.  My own unique gift is to help you reach in and grab hold of that which is uniquely you and encourage it to grow.  Think of me like a gardener of creativity. 

Third –  Let’s understand Me

I am an “encourager”.  I was born to nurture and develop excellence in others and I want to plant the seeds that will help you grow to reach the full potential that is within you.  I have been a photographer for quite a while now, in fact, I still have fond memories of working long hours in my darkroom.!  A professional photographer and guide, I also co-host an online show with Jan Kabili, The Photoshop Show . Photoshop and Lightroom are my creative playground. I am fortunate to be  the most followed photohgrapher on Google+ in Canada with more than 2.7 million followers.  In the Spring of 2013, I was in the top 1% endorsed fine art photographers on Linkedin in Canada.

My Mentorship – Creative Vision

This Mentorship Program will consist of 6 lessons over 6 weeks, including:

  • interactive, online, private group webcasts (g+ hangouts)
  • Assignments (provided to you as “missions”) on a members only Blog
  • Opportunity for one on one counselling and membership in a small community of like-minded students
  • free access to any Photoshop  actions, Presets,  working files and video tutorials used during the course.
  • You will get an opportunity to work right alongside me as I demonstrate Techniques and Principals in a live hangout or on the recorded replay.
  • All for only $195.00!

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This is a proven course which has already benefited many others!  Some of their stories are below for your encouragement.

Ron Clifford, Thank you for putting some smooth edges on my rough edges. You are now part of my photographic inspirations and my photography is better for it. You wrote, “once we truly understood that seeing: logically + emotionally = story and put it into practice, it would change us as a creative person…….forever”. I am forever changed! It would be my honor to work with you in the future.
This program has been absolutely amazing! I have learned so much about myself as a photographer, about different ways of approaching photography and most importantly, I have made even more amazingly valuable connections. I have learned so much from all of the people involved and it’s been great to have their support and encouragement! And that is to say nothing of you, Yoda, my Jedi Master! [Ron] Your help, kindness, small pushes to go outside comfort zones and [your] friendship have made this one of my most treasured learning experiences! I have decided that you must keep us on forever! 😀 – Shannon Brearley
Multihandedly (because Ron Clifford has like 8, right?), Ron gave me the opportunity to audit his program. There was a lot of trust involved the first two weeks in carrying out the assignments and shooting 500+ shots a week! 500 seemed like a lot, until I realized I was consistently filling up my 4GB and sometimes my 8GB cards! Shooting MORE to get the feel for “through the lens” is an important takeaway for me and something I will continue to practice. The program has also offered me a sense of community and it’s been so valuable to read the feedback Ron has given other students as well. Building relationships with others in the program has inspired my photography and Ron went over and above helping me with photoshop. In reality, Ron’s mentorship has taken all the bits I’ve learned through science, art, math, physics and psychology and helped me integrate them into my photography! To me, it makes my photos feel alive and my shooting more purposeful and fun! Thank you, Ron, for this amazing two months of learning! – Tyler Finklea
Thanks again, Ron Clifford for these assignments. I must say I have learned to truly see new dimensions in all images and everyday true life scenes as the weeks fly by! I have heard that people who have cataract surgery are truly surprised at the colors they can see after the medical procedure! For those of us who have little or no artistic training, the last few weeks have removed a few shades! I can now see things I never saw before through the viewfinder! I will probably never make a living at photography, but I am enjoying the hobby more everyday as my vision improves! – Chuck Palmer
As one of the auditors, I’m glad to have the opportunity to be part of the program! It really changed my view of the world, beginning with the first lesson: STOP-LOOK-THINK. Every week the homework is a new challenge and I took literally thousands of pics to improve my skills. I learned to understand WHY some photos are so impressive and started to think in an analytic way. But the best part of the program is the wonderful group of people :)! I love to look at the inspiring albums and read the helpful comments. Ron is the best teacher ever: an excellent photographer, willing and extremely able to pass his knowledge and a generous, inspiring and kind person! – Cora Triton
This program has helped me in so many ways, but here is my top 10…: 10. Shown me that shooting 200 pictures in one day can be considered “taking it easy”; 9. Taught me rules (I like rules) and forced me to ignore them (did I mention I like rules?); 8. Showed me how to Hang Out!; 7. Motivated me to make new Friends With Cameras on my first G+ Photowalk; 6. Proven that G+ friendships are real friendships with real people; 5. Inspired me to use old curse words in new and creative ways; 4. Forced me to spend so much time out of my comfort zone that I can’t remember where it was!; 3. NEVER patronized me; 2. ALWAYS encouraged me; 1. Permanently changed how I see things. Including myself.  Wasn’t expecting that!  Thank you, Ron! – Kathy Binns
I would like to thank you [Ron] for everything you’ve taught me! Why now? If it weren’t for you, last week and next week would be very different in my life! My daughter’s school has put together a huge Culture Week event about Latin America. In addition to helping with the planning, I also volunteered to take pictures! The way I am currently recording the school’s life has tremendously changed after your mentorship assignments. I feel comfortable with my camera, because it takes very little time to find the settings on it. I am also more comfortable running from inside to outside and back again to record the activities  because I know what I need to change in the settings to accommodate the available light. I also intentionally take planned and spontaneous images! I know it sounds weird  but this is what I mean: I wait for the dancers on the stage to be at a certain spot to see their move, the background and the kids in the foreground on the picture, but after getting that shot, I turn towards the audience to catch the children’s face expressions! After taking pictures of small groups of children looking at the exhibit, I also made plans for new shots at certain spots, but elevating myself as well as removing a distracting plant from the table. … I was also asked to write an article for the local newspaper about the event, so, starting on Friday, I planned some of my shots for possible newspaper placements instead of just a slideshow! And something that I am very proud of: during Friday’s parent night event, I carried a step-stool with me and was not afraid to step above the audience to take pictures of the performers! I am at a very happy place now, in photography. Thanks!