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Layers Masks and Selections, Oh My! – 201

201 – the Photoshop foundation course beginning the Week of April 20th 2015

if you have not taken “Layers Masks and Modes” 101 already, or do not yet have a solid foundation of these three tools,

then you can check it out here

 “Layers Masks and Modes” 101 – Photshop foundations

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I remember when I was learning Photoshop.  I saw what others were doing with it, the amazing photographs and creations were wonderful, but I could hardly open an image let alone do anything beyond using the healing brush. If you are anything like me you know if you could just get a good understanding of the fundamentals of Photoshop you could really begin to use this powerful program and start applying more creativity to your photographs. The truth is learning the Fundamentals of Photo editing in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements can be rather intimidating.  Let’s be honest, Photoshop is not exactly the most user friendly environment.   With all the different menus and multiple tool bars and several ways to arrive at the same place, it can be downright frustrating on a good day!  That is why I developed this unique and proven mentorship program.  The methods used  in these online mentorships have helped hundreds greatly improve their photography and post processing skills, and they will do the same for you as well!  I have included testimonials below to help encourage you on your journey to being the best you can be.

This mentorship is a 3 session online course that builds on the foundation of Layers Masks and Modes, Oh My!  101. We will go beyond simply masking and applying blend modes to layers.  Together we will uncover the mysteries of

Selections  and advanced masking techniques like Luminosity Masking  

Once a week we will have a live (and recorded) online session which is is approximately one hour to 90 minutes long that uses the latest in online technology to bring you as close to working beside me in real life as is possible.  By using a Private online Google Plus community, I will post assignments, answer questions and have group editing time! For those who can make the sessions at the planned time, this will be live an interactive.  If you can’t make every session have no fear, they will each be recorded and made available to watch and re-watch as often as you need. Each lesson comes complete with working files so you can do EXACTLY what I do and learn at a fun relaxed pace. If you;’re anything like me, you will have discovered the internet is full of information, so much so that it simply becomes digital noise and the only way to truly learn these things is to turn down the distractions, focus on one easy to absorb step at a time from a clear and reliable source .  A webcam isn’t necessary for these “Hangouts”, but very helpful.  An internet connection and a microphone are needed though if you want to participate live.


What will I Learn?


Good question.  What you will learn in this short, information rich mentorship program is..

  • discover multiple methods of making selections

  • Introduction to properly using Luminosity Masks!

  • how to use multiple selections to create masks not possible with simple selection tools like the “Quick Select” tool..

  • how to modify and add to masks you have already created

  • how to apply layer masks to give you ultimate control  over your editing, How to make difficult selections around things like hair, fur and leaves and how to use multiple masks on a single layer! (yes you can!)

  • more on blend modes, how they can be used and how they are the “magic” in the method when it comes to creative post processing

What makes this method unique is the ability to work in a friendly group setting with like minded people in real time, with real images along with a qualified instructor. Not only that but you will have future access to the recorded group workshop sessions for future reference!


This course is normally 149.00 but I am continuing to offer it

for only  $79.00.



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Exact times for the Live sessions will be determined based on group availability

Thanks again, Ron Clifford for these assignments. I must say I have learned to truly see new dimensions in all images and everyday true life scenes as the weeks fly by! I have heard that people who have cataract surgery are truly surprised at the colors they can see after the medical procedure! For those of us who have little or no artistic training, the last few weeks have removed a few shades! I can now see things I never saw before through the viewfinder! I will probably never make a living at photography, but I am enjoying the hobby more everyday as my vision improves! – Chuck Palmer
This program has been absolutely amazing! I have learned so much about myself as a photographer, about different ways of approaching photography and most importantly, I have made even more amazingly valuable connections. I have learned so much from all of the people involved and it’s been great to have their support and encouragement! And that is to say nothing of you, Yoda, my Jedi Master! [Ron] Your help, kindness, small pushes to go outside comfort zones and [your] friendship have made this one of my most treasured learning experiences! I have decided that you must keep us on forever! 😀 – Shannon Brearley