Project Description

Super Charge your Lightroom and Photoshop workflow.

in conjunction with Experience Workshops and Trinity Design

This is an on location one day Workshop in Whitby Ontario  it is suitable for all skill levels and even those who have been working with these tools for years will benefit from this practical and powerful workshop

Learn how to be more profitable by understanding how these two programs are the one-two punch of image organization and editing

How much time do you spend importing editing and exporting images?

 Do you want to be more efficient and profitable with these necessary and powerful tools?  

Does Editing bog you down?  

I see it over and over with students around the world.  If there was one area I can help you get much more efficient with it’s in the import and editing part of the photographer’s workflow.  This becomes Crucial if you want to run a successful business and haveing a fast way to import, select and then edit the images is an area that can make a tremendous difference in  your bottom line. I’ll even show you why Lightroom is the holy grail of image export and getting your final finished images where they need to go. Did you know some of the highest paid portrait photographers spend less than 5 minutes per image editing?  Come and join this fun informative and workflow enhancing workshop and free up your time, and be more profitable.

intense black and white portrait of female competitive trainer, Mandy Squires

intense black and white portrait of female competitive trainer, Mandy Squires


Monday January  23rd – 10am to 2pm

Class Size

Maximum 15 participants.  To give everyone individual attention and to ensure the best possible results we need to keep the size reasonable.

Cost Full Workshop

249.00 +HST

More About this Workshop

During this workshop, you will gain the skills necessary to be more efficient and more profitable with Lightroom and Photoshop

Such as:

  • The Import dialogue and creating your own Import Preset for greater speed
  •  The selection of keepers, otherwise known as “culling your images” needs to be fast, remarkably simple and help you get back to them for editing later as quickly as possible.
  • Creating presets within lightroom to handle repeated tasks and editing styles
  • Shortcuts you can’t live without. (well o.k.  you can but you won’t want to!)
  • Creating actions in Photoshop to help your workflow become more effortless
  • Create your own editing workspace to increase your productivity and reduce repetitive stress
  • From Lightroom to Photoshop and back, the round trip and the best practices
  • An overview export presets and Publish services to really gain control of your image exports and how you manage them



9:30-10:00am – Meet and greet

10:00 – 12:00 – Morning portion – Lightroom Import, Cull and Basic Edits, Creating Presets, Think Like Your Client

12:00 – 12:30: – Lunch Break – a meal will be provided.

12:30 – 2:00 Afternoon session – The trip to Photoshop and back.  Why Photoshop?, Making actions, Advanced edits and the export dialogue in Lightroom

What is included:

  • The instructor, and live workflow demonstrations
  • Access to the files we will be working on during the day

What’s not Included

  • Equipment – All participants are required to bring their own laptop equipped with Lightroom and Photoshop if you want to follow along.  This is optional but helpful.  I will give you access to the working files through a shared drive online, and on the day of the workshop if you need it.

If you have any  questions you can

Contact Me

Once you have made your payment below and received confirmation through Paypal, please go to the link below and check the “Going” option on the Facebook Event Page


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Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your booking any time up to 30 days before the event, a refund less a 20% administration fee will be issued

For cancellations within 30 days of the workshop, a refund, less a 20% administration fee,  will only be offered if a suitable replacement can be found.

Ron Clifford
Ron CliffordProfessional Photographer - Inspirologist
Hi, I’m Ron Clifford, I create Fine Art photographs for a living. Images of Landscapes, Portraits, and Nature. I also teach others how to do the same through my mentorships, workshops and online photography courses.

 What I REALLY do… You could say that what I really do, though, is capture moments on film (OK, my camera is digital, but you get the picture). One single, honest moment at a time. A story in a photo. A memory, preserved and brought to life for future generations. And, if you care to learn, I can show you how to uncover your own distinct creative voice so you can go on to capture and bring to life your own heartbreakingly beautiful moments.