Project Description

Ontario Spring Nature and Wildflower Photography Workshop

June  2016

Actual weekend to be announced, likely June 4/5 2016


 early birds can join me for dinner on Friday evening (chance for sunset shooting)

Join me on a two day Ontario Spring Nature and Wildflower Photography Workshop weekend on the beautiful Upper Bruce Peninsula.  This is a photographers paradise for new emerging wildflowers and depending on how early or late the season starts, there are a variety of stunning wildflowers to photograph right from May Through to July.  Everything from wild orchids to unique pitcher plants abound on the peninsula and there is always a abundance of wildflowers ready to pose for your camera. To complement the weekend there may be great opportunities for sunrise and sunset photography on the shores of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron as well.

During the weekend I will be guiding the group to locations around the Northern Bruce Peninsula depending on the abundance of species in season.  Most wildflowers are found quite close to roadways and paths so most everyone of an average fitness level can enjoy the experience.  During our time together I will be demonstrating how to use diffusers and off camera flash to create fantastic in the field lighting to capture the best nature has to offer in spite how much sun or cloud mother nature sends our way.

Class Size

Maximum 8 participants.  To give everyone individual attention and to ensure the best possible results we need to keep the size reasonable.


Full Workshop 450.00 (Friday at 7pm until Sunday at 2pm)

Saturday only option 300.00


More About the Workshop

This workshop is ideal for new and experienced photographers alike who have an understanding of the fundamentals of their DSLR or Mirrorless cameras with the ability to use Aperture or Shutter Priority.  We will be covering topics from controlling the existing light, adding light and diffusing light.  Will be using our tripods frequently.  Not only will we be capturing the beauty of wildflowers, we will also have the opportunity to photograph a sunset and or a sunrise .

During our evening time we will be doing demonstrations on editing images using software such as Adobe Lightroom and  Photoshop.  Other programs will be discussed including Nik and OnONe Plug ins, Helicon Remote The Photographers Ephemeris, and google maps.

During this workshop you will gain the skills necessary to capture and edit beautiful wildflower and nature images


Itinerary Friday Evening

For those registered for the full workshop you have an early bird opportunity to meet me in Tobermory for dinner and a (weather permitting) sunset photo opportunity. Although there is no “official” instruction during this time I will be available to help with any guidance you may need.

Itinerary Saturday

This is the First Official Day of the Workshop and we will head out Early to spend the morning photographing Wildflowers in select locations along the Northern Tip of the Peninsula around Tobermory. The entire day is hands on shooting and learning and you will be gaining the skills needed t consistently capture great wildflower images in almost any conditions.

Itinerary Sunday

Possibly a legendary Georgian Bay sunrise followed by a nature photography hike.  An opportunity for more wildflowers or Nature/Landscape work.


What is included:

  • All instruction and guidance to help you produce wonderful wildflower images
  • An option for group cabin accommodation
  • A Live editing hangout after the event to talk about some of the things covered during the workshop. This event will also be recorded for those unable to attend live

What’s not Included

  • meals.  Though there will be restaurants nearby, packing meals and easy to access snacks is highly recommended.
  • accommodation.  (We will provide links and locations where camping and overnight accommodations can be found.  The workshop leaders will be staying at the Princess Hotel Cabins. Contact me about our discounted group rate and an opportunity to stay with us in the cabins.
  • equipment. All participants are required to bring their own equipment including suitable all weather clothing, cameras, tripods, and any lenses or accessories they might use during the workshop.  If you will be camping, your own tent and sleeping bags as well.



  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of full manual control.
  • A lens capable of close up and/or macro photographs
  •  A sturdy Tripod.
  • At least 32 megs of storage on memory cards.
  • extra batteries for your camera and accessories – more is better.
  • A flashlight or head lamp
  • Warm layered clothing including a waterproof coat and sturdy shoes or hiking boots


  • Extra camera body and lens/es
  • a flash capable of manual output control (I can provide links to affordable alternatives to expensive brand name speed lights
  • extension tubes (can be in place of a Macro lens)
  • high powered flashlight for light painting (with extra batteries)
  • laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom installed (A trial can be downloaded from Adobe)
  • a wireless shutter release and wireless flash triggers

Make your Payment below by choosing the full workshop or the one day option.  You can choose to pay the full amount now, or a deposit now and the balance By May 1st 2015.  A refund of deposit will only be available after May 1st if a replacement can be found for your space less a 20% administration cost. In the event of a cancellation by us due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, a Full refund will be issued.

Sold Out for 2015

June 2016 now open for enquiry

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Full Workshop

One Day Only

Ron Clifford
Ron CliffordFine Art Landscape Photographer

I am an artist, coach, and creative mentor with a unique gift to help unlock the creative ninja that lives inside every person.  You could say I really do is explore my world through the connections my camera helps me create – and to help others overcome roadblocks and see blind spots along their own creative journey.  I have the best job in the whole world.

I believe we only truly reach our potential when we learn to help others.  To lift each other up.  We were made for community and family and in a certain way, that’s what I do. I build community and strengthen bonds through the experience of photography.  Nothing can compare to getting involved in building up  another person’s real life.


I had the pleasure of taking a weekend to join Ron and his group in the Bruce Peninsula on his Winter Phototour this past March.  His dedication to each photographer is wonderful, outlining the gear required, offering alternates, suggestions etc was extremely helpful.  Throughout the weekend, I found him bouncing from person to person giving each individual his personal time. Ensuring everyone had the tools they needed to get the shot, to offer a helpful hint or point out a really great vantage point to shoot from. Ron’s intimate knowledge of the area itself offered a level of natural history education I was not expecting.  Having spent many years in the area, he seemed to know every plant, animal, nook and cranny around.  Any changes to the schedule or location were diligently passed onto each and every member in person or by text ensuring we were all on the same page at all times. Ron’s charming and warm personality is just the icing on the cake.  I would not hesitate to recommend one of Ron’s photo / natural wonder adventures to anyone!  Do it and enjoy! Julie
Julie Jamieson

I highly recommend this workshop for anybody (really anybody) but especially for people who might be stuck in a runt and needs some fresh inspirations. You will see a lot and you will learn even more. It also gives you a new appreciation for the wonders on this planet that we sometimes take for granted. But be warned: If you do this once; you want to do it again and again.

Angie - N. Carolina

Not to be missed!

This is coming from somebody that is just finishing up one of his mentorship programs:  I’ve learned so much and not in terms of camera equipment or settings but in terms of getting in touch with your creativity while following some basic guidelines and rules that everybody should follow and once you truly understand them your photography will be lifted to new heights.

For me this is only the beginning ……

+Ron Clifford is a great teacher, mentor and outstanding photographer/artist and has a lot to share with you. You don’t want to miss this chance!

He is also an all around great person and really wants you to grow and discover your full potential.

So, what are you waiting for??

Angelika Perry

I thoroughly enjoyed this “Epic” adventure, met some amazing new Google Plus friends. I should also mention I captured some of my best images to date.  I would recommend anyone considering signing up for a workshop with Ron Clifford not to hesitate, as I expect any he offers will fill up very quickly.  I am looking forward to the Spring Orchid Workshop coming up the end of May 2014.

Thank-you Ron for your genuine passion in helping other photographers, such as myself, grow not only in their technical skills but more importantly in their creative skills. I know I can learn a lot of technical skills from books, youtube, and the internet but it takes one-on-one mentorship to draw creativity from a person who never persued art.

Still Awestruck. (March 2014)

James C - Ontario