What a year it has been! And it’s not over yet….. 

I have had the opportunity to work, travel and invest myself into helping others (and myself) reach for their potential through the lens of photography.  I went from being one of the first 6 “Masters” in The Arcanum to being one of the team and helping them develop and run The Fast Track, training and onboarding new masters to this amazing mentor let community learning platform.  If you know me, you know how well this fits my character and the skills I bring to my students there.  I was able to travel across Canada and shoot and work with and hang out with some amazing friends  I even managed to squeeze in a trip into the US to join up with Trey Ratcliff and the first 3 Cities of his Cross US bus tour of photowalks to 13 cities.  

I will be hosting, or rather co-hosting with Horse Discovery and facilitator Cheri Davidson on a unique one day Horse Discovery and photography Workshop.

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I am beyond excited to bring you a new adventure of self discovery and photography at the amazing farm property of Cheri Davidson of Horse Discovery.  This is a unique opportunity expand your creativity and explore not only the unique world of how these gentle equine friends communicate, but also how that influences you and your response to them, and to life!  I want to invite you to join me,  Ron Clifford, and local photographer and good friend Marjorie McDonald on this workshop that is sure to bring you to a new level of skill and appreciation for photographing horses.

More on the Horse Discovery Workshop Here

I am continuing my Fall with another few trips and I can’t wait to share images and stories from those adventures.  If all goes well I’ll be sharing experiences from Lake Superior Park at the end of September, from the Finger Lakes and more incredible water falls in New York State with friends Derek Kind and A.D. Wheeler in the beginning of October and then, to top an amazing year of travel and connection, I’ll be heading to Antarctica. Yep Antarctica!!! I know right??

I’ll be travelling to Antarctica as one of the instructors and guides in November and December with OneOcean.  This is an amazing opportunity to see some amazing and pristine Landscapes, Icescapes, Seascapes and Wildlife.  Just as important I will again be able to help others reach for their potential through the connections my camera helps me make.


Antarctic Adventures

What an incredible year it has been and what an incredible way to finish off with this adventure of a lifetime aboard the Icebreaker AKADEMIK IOFFE as it leaves the southernmost tip of Argentina across the ocean to Antarctica.

Off The Beaten Track

November 10 – 22  2015
Truly an adventure of a lifetime

Antarctica Photography Symposium

November 22 – December 10 2015

I am honoured of be one of the 3 photography guides under the amazing leadership of renowned wildlife photographer, Daisy Gilardini for this photography focused 18 nights and 19 day adventure

Antarctica Photography Symposium